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I work as a CIS worker so how can I get a refund?

A subcontractor like yourself will be given a regular CIS Payslip which shows how much you have been paid by the contractor (ie the 'employer') and how much has been deducted for tax.

The contractor is required to deduct 30% of your gross pay if you not registered with CIS scheme or 20% if you are, so it is important to become registered and we can help with that. In most cases the amounts deducted are too much so you will have overpaid tax during the year.

We at Tax121 Accountants help you by reclaiming the overpaid tax when we prepare your annual tax return.

So how long before I can get my refund?

The financial year ends in April so we can start preparing your tax return any time after 6th April. EG for 2019/20 tax year, we can file after 06-Apr-2020 (but before 31-Jan-2021 to avoid penalties).

We start by asking you for information we need such as your CIS payslips and expense receipts. Once we receive all the information requested, it can take between 2 to 3 weeks for us to check everything and prepare your tax return which we then send to you for review and approval.

Once you have approved the tax return, we will file immediately with HMRC. After filing, it can take anywhere between 6 to 8 weeks for HMRC to process and make the payment.

So in most case, once the year ends in April, the earliest you can expect repayment would be around July ie approximately 3 months later.

Where is the refund paid?

Some accountants will set up a client account for the refunds and then once they receive the payment they will reach out to their clients and transfer the money.

We prefer the money comes straight to your account from HMRC so you get the money as soon as possible. Once the payment is made HMRC will notify both you and us so we will send you a reminder to ensure you are kept aware.

If after 8 weeks of filing you have not received the money you are due, we will get in touch with HMRC on your behalf to make sure there is no error or issue.

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